Welcome to Eden Central School
140 Knowles Flat Road, Eden, Vermont 05652
Phone: 802-521-5500 - Fax: 802-635-7251

The fire trucks noticed at Eden Central School today, 7/19/21, were performing routine pressure checks on the hoses.  The ECS parking lot was chosen because it met the distance guidelines necessary to conduct this important safety review.  If you have any questions, please call Betzi Goodman at 802-521-5502.
Thank-you Eden/North Hyde Park firefighters for keeping our communities safe!

Interim Principal
Eden Central School
Eden, VT 


Eden Central School

140 Knowles Flat Road

Eden, Vermont  05652



May 16, 2021

Dear ECS Families,

I am writing to let  you know that I have taken a new position in the Lamoille North Unified/ Modified School District.  Starting July 1st I will transition to the Director of Early Childhood Education.

Being the Principal of Eden Central School these last five years has been a true privilege.  I am grateful and honored to have had the opportunity and responsibility of being an educational leader in this community.  I found you and your children to be so family centered, caring, involved in your childrens’ education and incredibly resilient with the challenges of this past school year.

Though this is a bittersweet move for me I am comforted to know that I will continue to be on the ECS campus in my new position and will  be able to say hello to the students that I have watched grow and develop the last five years.

You will be hearing from Charleen McFarlane, Director of Human Resources, regarding  your opportunity to participate in a “Greet and Meet” with candidates for the new principal of ECS.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your childrens’ education.

Most sincerely,

Melinda Mascolino


Eden Kitchen Hero's!!!  Thank you so much for your excellent cooking! 


Hello, ECS Families,

Monday, August 10th, from 5:30-6:30, myself, the superintendent, Cat Gallager, and the heads of each of the LNSU departments, will be available in a google meet for an information sharing session for school re-opening, There will be a question and answer portion following. Please join us at:


or by phone

PIN 692 287 874#


August 1, 2020 

Dear Lamoille North Families: Greetings to you on this first day of August! As we predicted, Governor Scott issued an Executive Order yesterday announcing a September 8th start date for all public and private schools in Vermont to allow more time for schools to prepare with faculty. This seems especially important right now given the frequency of changing guidance and the need to respond thoughtfully and not re-actively. Additionally, the Secretary of Education recently issued a memorandum, Decision-Making for School District Operations During the 2020-2021 School Year, that delegates the authority for school district operations to Vermont’s school boards. We have been hard at work over the last several weeks planning for the 2020-2021 school year. While we remain confident that we can open LNSU schools for in-person instruction with enhanced physical distancing measures in place, the Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) now requires us to present a range of options and strategies to the LNSU Board. Through careful study of a wide range of options, evolving health, safety and regulatory guidance, educator and family feedback, and consideration of plans from other parts of the state, we have framed options for consideration by the Board. The Board will consider these plan options at a Special Meeting on Friday, August 7th, at 6:00 p.m. We have received many comments from parents that straddle extremes. There are some who believe schools should not be open at all and there are those who believe students should attend daily. We understand that it will be difficult to please everyone. We will offer plans to the Board that reflect safety and health guidelines and the vast input we have received. We will be recommending the maximum amount of flexibility we are able to offer to students under the guidelines recently put forth by the VT AOE. These models will include a fully remote option and a hybrid model with various amounts of in-person instruction. All options include a Wednesday remote-learning offering. We are in the process of looking into childcare availability for Wednesdays for the Kindergarten through Grade 5 cohort. Additionally, many people communicated that they wanted some kind of remote option but not a fully remote option. Because of this, we will be reaching out to all families in the event they want to change or modify their initial requests for full remote learning after our principals foreshadow for you next week the plans they will present to the Board. I recognize that many of you are understandably frustrated with this process and are anxious to know what the school year ahead will look like for your children. While it would be easy to unveil plans that appear best at the moment, we have seen many districts unveil their plans and then have to return to the drawing board because of changes and new decision-making guidelines. We are confident that we have taken input from families, staff, students, and the guidelines from the VT AOE, and will
present, given this input, options to the Board that will offer the maximum flexibility we can offer to families given our building space, staff capacity and safety guidelines. Our Facilities Director, Dylan Laflam, and Nurse Leader/COVID Coordinator, Flo Kelley, are putting together an “Employee and Family Health and Safety Handbook” that will be distributed soon. They will both be at the August 7th Special Board meeting to discuss general guidelines and protocols that will be important for us all. With the policy direction established by the board on August 7th, schools will dive more deeply into decision-making regarding the day-to-day details. We know you have many questions about schedules, supports, transportation and daily procedures. We are excited about moving into this phase of planning and will share school-specific information with you as quickly as we can. With that being said, we will be offering Community Forums for each of our school communities. Set forth below is our schedule:
Monday, August 10 – Eden Central School
Tuesday, August 11 – Belvidere Central School/Waterville Elementary School
Wednesday, August 12 – Johnson Elementary School
Thursday, August 13 – Cambridge Elementary School
Friday, August 14 – Hyde Park Elementary School, Lamoille Union Middle/High School
Meetings will be from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Principals will be sending an invitation to you to attend virtually. There will also be a call-in option available.
Thank you again for your understanding during this time. No matter what plans resemble, be assured that our return to school will be successful. We care deeply about the well-being of your children. I think it is fair to say that school may look different for an extended period of time. We will work with all of you to make adjustments as needed and to support you in any way that we can. Our commitment to our families and staff is unwavering. As always, feel free to reach out to me or any of the building leaders if you have questions. 

My best to you, Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed. Superintendent of Schools Lamoille North Supervisory Union


*Please note this is for ECS Students ONLY*


Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff,

Yesterday, we received initial guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) on the reopening of schools for the fall. Please click on this link to read the guidance, https://education.vermont.gov/sites/aoe/files/documents/edu-vdh-guidance-strong-healthy-start-school-health-rev-20200617.pdf. It is important to note that there will likely be many revisions and amendments to this document based on the public health status at the beginning of the school year.  

The plan is that we will open for in-person learning at the start of the school year, with restrictions that are outlined in the document. The VT AOE is planning on opening schools at a "Step II". This is defined in the document as schools being open for in-person instruction with enhanced physical distancing measures. There are many implications for the school day, including transportation protocols, how food services will be handled, class size limits, activities, safety and hygiene, and daily health screening processes.

School leadership teams and the District task force will be taking all of the family, student and staff survey comments and incorporating what we can into the guidelines given to us on reopening schools by the VT AOE.

We anticipate revisions to this "live" document and will plan on hosting a community forum in August to address final guidance from the VT AOE, and to address questions you will likely have. 

I recognize that this plan is not what we had hoped we would receive and that there remain many uncertainties regarding the virus and when we can reasonably expect for things to be "normal" once again. Our best decisions have to be driven by public health guidance, and we will need to continue to remain flexible in our responses to changing conditions. I want to be clear that opening and closing schools will be a public health decision and one made by the VT AOE and the Vermont Department of Health (VT DOH). This will not be a decision that school administration has the authority to make.

Our communities and school teams worked collaboratively to respond to the pressures of remote learning. I recognize that there were hardships and frustrations for all. However, what struck me most was how dedicated, committed and adaptable our school community was in making efforts to have a successful few months given the pandemic.There were challenges, but there were many successes during this time. I know that we will be able to work through any model of school day as long as we do it together and continue to communicate.

Thank you very much. I will continue to communicate additions or changes to this document and will work on setting a date for a community discussion.

My very best to you,

Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union 


June 15, 2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff:

The State of Vermont passed a new law in 2019 that requires all schools and childcare providers to test their drinking water for lead. Samples of water from every tap at Lamoille Union Middle and High School, as well as GMTCC, that is reasonably expected to be used for drinking or cooking, were collected and sent to the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory for analysis.  

Results for Lamoille Union Middle and High School and GMTCC: All taps were tested twice, once after sitting in the fixture for a minimum of eight (8) hours, and the second after the tap was flushed. All taps that tested at or above 4 ppb were on the first test indicating that the fixture was the source.

  • Lamoille Union Middle School had 4 out of 33 tested taps that tested at or above 4 ppb
  • Lamoille Union High School had 3 out of 34 taps that tested at or above 4 ppb
  • GMTCC had 4 out of 21 taps that tested at or above 4 ppb

We take our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for students and staff very seriously. Any tap that tested at or above 4 ppb was immediately taken out of service for drinking or cooking. We are working on fixes to permanently lower levels of lead in the water, which include but are not limited to, fixture replacement and mixing valve replacement.

Lead exposure poses a special risk to children because they absorb lead into their systems more easily than adults do. Lead can slow down growth, impair development and learning, and can cause behavior problems. While the major source of lead poisoning in Vermont children is paint, lead in plumbing pipes and fixtures can add to a person’s overall exposure. Drinking water in schools and homes may contain lead from old pipes, plumbing fixtures (such as fountains and faucets), or the solder that joins pipe sections together.

More Information:

  • For questions about the water testing process, or about the law and its requirements, please dial 2-1-1.
  • You can view school and childcare results, remediation and any follow-up testing, at leadresults.vermont.gov. (NOTE: If your child’s preschool or after-school program is located at a school, the results will be listed under the school’s name.) For more information visit:
  • If you have questions or concerns about our facilities and the actions we are taking, please contact Dylan Laflam, Facilities Director, Lamoille North Supervisory Union, 802-851-1587, or dlaflam@luhs18.org.

To learn more about lead hazards and lead poisoning prevention, visit healthvermont.gov/lead.

If you want to test your home drinking water for lead, contact the Health Department Laboratory to order a $12 first-draw lead test kit. Call 802-338-4736 or 800-660-9997 (toll free in Vermont).


Dylan Laflam
Facilities Director
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


PreK-12 Grading for the Final Marking Period


May 28, 2020



Dear Parents and Guardians,


It’s hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the school year.  This final marking period certainly challenged us all in many ways.  I cannot thank you enough for your support of our schools and for the huge undertaking of having to create a remote learning environment in each of your homes. 


I want to provide you with an overview of our modified grading process during this remote learning time period.  From the beginning, we made the following commitments to our students and families:


·         Students first.  Content second.

·         Do no harm.

·         Learning over grades.


In these unprecedented times in education where traditional direct instruction has been altered due to the coronavirus outbreak, our focus is, first and foremost, on student learning and ensuring our students’ well-being.  During this time, students’ grades are secondary to student learningWe recognize the importance of assessing and communicating student progress to students and parents/guardians.  School grading practices should be equitable, and student grades should not be harmed as a result of school closures and remote learning.  We have monitored and adjusted our grading procedures along the way to make sure we stayed focused on the above commitments.  As a result, when final report cards are issued, there will be narratives at the elementary level, and academic indicators at the secondary level for the 4th quarter/third trimester marking period.  If there is not enough evidence to assign a grade, an NA (Not Applicable) will go on the report card.


Summary of Grading Process for the Final Marking Period




Student progress will continue to be documented using the Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG) assessment system. 


Elementary Level K-6


All students will receive a narrative on their report cards. The narrative will provide a brief overview of the focus during remote learning and speak to student accomplishments during the final marking period.


If there is a need for an intervention plan, as agreed upon by the parent(s), the administrator, the teacher, the school counselor(s), and the student, one can be created.  Intervention plans will not be mandated, but are offered as an option.  This plan will allow for flexibility and specific strategies that may be of assistance to students to demonstrate content knowledge.   An intervention plan could occur after the final marking period, including during the next school year.


Secondary Level 7-12


Academic indicators for the final marking period are based on 1-2 prioritized standards/proficiencies for each course.  Secondary students will receive the following grades:


Pass (P):  Students who show evidence of working toward proficiency, and are engaged during the remote learning period, will receive a P on their report card/transcript. 


Pass with Distinction (PD):  Students who show evidence of working toward proficiency and/or meeting proficiency, and also initiate a personal interest in learning that goes beyond the required activities, will receive a PD on the report card for the final marking period. 


Not Applicable (NA):  If there is not enough evidence to assign a grade, an NA (Not Applicable) will go on the report card for the 4th quarter/3rd trimester marking period. 



GPA (Grade Point Average) for LUHS:  If a GPA score is needed there are two possible options.  The option chosen will be the one that benefits the student the most.


Option 1 – Include the 4th quarter marking period in the GPA calculation.  A score of Pass = 3.0, a score of Pass with Distinction = 4.0.


Option 2 – The GPA will be calculated using only the 1st semester or the first three quarters of this school year.



The final day for students is Tuesday, June 9th.  If you have questions about the grading process for this final marking period, please don’t hesitate to contact your building principal.  If I can be of assistance, you can also contact me at wsavery@luhs18.org.


Best wishes,



Wendy Savery

Acting Director of Curriculum











The event on Wednesday, June 3rd is not a live event.  Parents and students may not attend due to the health guidelines of the CDC and VT Department of Health.

It is a video recorded event, featuring Ms. Rublee and Mrs. Goodman giving awards to students and a slideshow that will be shared with students on a zip drive.  

The live, drive-by pick up of graduation certificates on the 11th will be shared live, on the ECS FB page for friends and relatives.  

Thank you, Mrs. Macolino

On June 11th, from 5:30-6:30, Families will be asked to drive around the school and each 6th grade student will be allowed to exit the car (with a mask on) to pick up their graduation certificates along with other awards.
One carload only. Each family may only have one car drive through.
6 feet between each car.
Cars may drive behind the school, along the playground and past the front doors, where staff will be waiting.
Only the student may exit the car to receive a bag from either Ms. Rublee or Ms. Goodman.
Photos may be taken from the car.
The event will be live streamed on the ECS FB page for all family members who will not be able to attend.

Banners for each 6th grade student will be displayed at the front of ECS and also delivered to each family to be displayed at each family’s home. 


Eden Central School

Kindergarten Registration

Due to the closing of schools for the remainder of this school year, ECS will be unable to host kindergarten screening as we have traditionally done for incoming kindergartners. In order to register for kindergarten, your child must turn 5 by September 1, 2020.

If your child is not currently registered at ECS, you will need to go through the online registration process at lnsu.org. On the homepage, find the blue, “register new student” button and fill out the fields. When asked to choose the school year, please click 2020/2021. Once you complete this pre-registration, you will receive a second email with further instructions.

For further questions, please contact Melinda Mascolino at (802) 521-5501.



Good afternoon everyone:

Please find a link to a short survey regarding summer meals for your children.  This is the new link....please use this one.

We would ask that you fill out this survey as soon as possible.  This will help us determine the best way to provide your children meals throughout the summer.

Your information and responses will help immensely and be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to being able to continue serving our community in a way that is most beneficial.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you,
Lamoille North Unified Modified Union school district Food service employees

Thank you


May 25, 2020

Dear Lamoille North Families:

Greetings on this beautiful evening! I join you today in honoring our fallen people in service and all who currently put the lives of others first in service to our country. This is a day dedicated to honoring all those who have fought and continue to fight to protect our freedoms. We thank you. We look forward to a time in the future when we can observe this important day with our communities in person.

It is hard to believe that there is less than a month of school left! The last day of school for students is Tuesday, June 9th. Principals will be communicating with you about end-of-the-year activities, including opportunities to pick up personal belongings that are still at school.

As we plan, please join us in keeping the graduating classes of 2020 at the forefront of all of our events. Graduation represents a "climbing of a step, or stepping toward something", and we hope all will join in honoring our seniors as details about these opportunities emerge. Principals have been working with students and faculty to plan events that respect the preferences of our students while ensuring we stay safe and healthy. We know our seniors are dealing with disappointment right now as events cannot look like they have in the past due to COVID-19. However, please know that we are all thinking about you and working on creative ways to celebrate your successes and graduation.

Over the last week, I've had many conversations with state leaders, local educators, and parents regarding questions around what the summer and fall might look like and what direction we may take in working to get back to "normal". As different organizations begin to take steps, such as UVM announcing they will open campus to students in the fall, school districts across the state are working to determine what's possible given the Governor's orders.

Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 orders, we expect to get much more clarity on what the summer and next year will look like within the following month. I expect that we will continue to receive updated State guidance that will help us to make definitive plans around structures and approaches that we can use as we transition back from remote learning. I think it's clear that returning to normal will be a gradual process as opposed to the flipping of a switch.

With the inherent challenges we've been facing with remote learning, it will be critical that we determine how we'll support all students in making a transition back that addresses potential learning loss and gets all back on stable ground. As we plan for reopening, there are many things to consider. First and foremost is whether we will be able to keep our students and staff healthy and safe. We are purchasing cleaning supplies and PPEs, as are all of our neighbors. We are also considering a number of scenarios, as we do not yet know the exact health guidance at this time. Fall is likely to look like one of the following scenarios:

*Fully open with social distancing and PPEs in place and a virtual learning option available
*Fully closed or delayed opening with distance learning
*A hybrid:
     -We open then have to close
     -We open for some students but not all
     -We open on a rotating schedule with both in-person and distance learning

As we begin to move closer to the end of this school year, there are questions around summer programming and care/camps that need to be addressed and resolved. Currently, we are waiting for additional instructions from the Agency of Education in regard to the summer safety guidelines that must be in place at school facilities. When we have this information, the District will finalize summer programming plans and publish them for families. We anticipate specific details will be available very soon.

As Vermont starts to open up and people begin to venture out from their homes, we ask that you please continue to follow the guidelines from the Vermont Department of Health and Governor Scott. Such as:

*Stay home when you are sick
*Frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer
*In group settings always:
     -Wear face covering
     -Practice social distancing of six feet whenever possible
*Continue to disinfect high touch surfaces at home

I know that there are so many elements that remain uncertain. However, I believe we cannot underestimate the power of empathy, love and humanity. This framework will guide everything we do together. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns, or if you just want to converse. Have a great rest of your evening.

My best to you,


Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Hello all of my Eagle friends!
I have really missed seeing you all at the school, so I thought that if everyone else is staying in touch over the computer, that now it was my turn. So I went out and I purchased a computer, it's a flaptop. So if you want to say "Hi" you can send me an email and I will get back to you very soon, although the WiFi in my nest is not always reliable, I will do my best! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe and I would love to hear from you if you get a chance.
Stay strong Eagles! 


May 10, 2020

Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff,

Although our weather surprised me this weekend with what I should know is typical for Vermont (snow, sunshine and rain in the span of 24 hours), I am pleased that there are flowers in bloom wherever I look, reminders of spring around me and the promise of warmer weather and more time that can be spent outdoors.

On Friday, we received guidance from Secretary of Education, Dan French, concerning year-end celebrations, summer camps, and our school calendar. The guidance states that school year gatherings and graduations are limited to 10 people or less, with careful physical distancing and hygiene requirements. Any events with more than 10 people will need to occur virtually or by means other than in-person gatherings. You can read the guidance here. Even if this guidance changes for other social outings by graduation time, we still must abide by the 10-person rule.

Schools are being encouraged to plan creatively with their communities for opportunities to celebrate milestones and graduations. I know this news is likely disappointing to many, and we will be working to find innovative solutions that ensure celebrations will be safe and supportive of our students and their achievements. You can expect to hear more about celebrations from your Principals as we get closer to the end of the school year.

We have been told that we will abide by our published school calendar. Our final day of school for students will be June 15th. We will NOT resume in-person instruction this school year. With respect to the fall, we are planning for in-school instruction, but will plan for multiple scenarios given the guidance we receive in August on the current health modeling at that time. Rest assured that we will work diligently until we have turned over all the stones and answered all questions. Regardless of how we are educating next fall, our goal is that we will be doing so at the level of excellence our communities expect of us and our children deserve.

I continue to be amazed and humbled by all of the Lamoille North communities. Thank you for your continued support, smiles in the food pick-up line, and good wishes. We will see this through. Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your support as we navigate these unprecedented challenges. And as always, please reach out to me should you want to have a conversation. I always appreciate hearing from you.

My best to you,

Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


May 3, 2020

Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff:

Welcome to May! I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. It feels like we are truly welcoming spring with open arms and won't need to worry about snow anymore this year. This month always seems like a turning point in the year for me - I'm hopeful about many things and continue to unconditionally appreciate the people with whom I work and the families we serve.

COVID-19 related updates are currently all falling in the land of hypotheticals. As modeling indicates, we are being successful in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and as a result, Governor Phil Scott on Friday announced a third incremental, evidence-based step forward to put Vermonters back to work.

If able to comply with outlined safety measures, the Governor will allow the following operations to operate:

  • Crews of 10 or fewer employees per location/job to perform outdoor work and construction work in unoccupied job sites. (Effective May 4th)
  • Manufacturing and distribution operations may resume with a maximum of 10 employees in any location if they are low-density and ensure employees are always six feet apart. (Effective May 4th)
  • Manufacturing, construction and distribution operations may restart with as few employees as necessary to permit full operations if they can meet all health and safety requirements, comply with ACCD guidance and develop enhanced training programs that expand on the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Agency (VOSHA) training. (Effective May 11)

Governor Scott continues to highlight the importance of limiting the spread of the virus as the State plans subsequent restart measures. He states, "There is no playbook on what we can expect so we've focused on sectors like manufacturing and construction that have controlled environments, open space and built-in mechanisms and expertise in the areas of health and safety training. They'll be able to set an example for others as we look to do more in other sectors."

"We also have to recognize that states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York - states right on our borders and just a few hours away - are still confronting massive outbreaks and it only takes one spark, or one unhelpful decision, to reignite this fire. We all need to continue to be smart, cautious and disciplined to preserve our hard-earned gains," he added.

I think it is fair to say that we are cautiously optimistic that our collective work to stop the spread has been beneficial; however, we do not yet have a vaccination to prevent COVID-19 and are likely many months away from one. Until that time, we are vulnerable to the presence of this virus in our communities and its potential negative impacts.

At our District and School Board level, we are having wide-ranging conversations regarding our upcoming financial situation. The State fiscal office is predicting a significant shortfall in the education fund. We are awaiting guidance from the legislature as to how districts can collaborate with the State to better the situation.

Graduation and end-of-year celebration decisions are on hold until we know the rules and guidelines from the State on social distancing and what that means for gatherings of any kind. The Governor has been clear that all guidance will be based on health modeling and the science around this virus. We have been told this guidance will be coming out on or around May 8th. These decisions are not in our hands, but we are working diligently on ideas for how to celebrate our students and also keep them safe.

As some of you likely know, last week was Lunch Hero Week and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Personally, I have never been more proud of being a member of the Lamoille North staff as I have been throughout this pandemic. Please join me in celebrating all of our staff for their dedication and commitment to our students and families.

And as always, I am celebrating our collective strength in navigating this pandemic with grace and compassion. I am thankful for all the people who make up our local communities and beyond. Please feel free to reach out to me to let me know how you are or to just have a conversation.

My very best to you,


Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Food resources for our area!

Skinny Pancake Shift Meals - Call the Skinny Pancake for pick up sites 802-540-0188  

MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) will be distributed by the Vermont National Guard on Friday, May 1st Northeast Kingdom International Airport in Newport

Mansfield Dairy will provide $20.00 worth of dairy products to individuals who have been furloughed or laid off from working in Stowe.  This offer is good through May 1, 2020.


Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff:

I hope that your first week back from break has been one where you were able to reconnect with peers, colleagues, and take advantage of new opportunities for remote learning. Over the break, I reflected daily on our collective response to this public health crisis and find myself in awe of how resilient, flexible and optimistic all of you have been. I want to again express appreciation to students, families, staff, and the community as we negotiate this unique period. This last week, there were some days which actually felt like spring, and others that reminded us that winter can revisit at any time. As of today, we have several more weeks ahead of us before the end of the year. On approximately May 8th, the Governor and/or Secretary of Education will make definitive decisions about how the end of our school year will look.

I recognize that it is a particularly challenging time for seniors, and I want to call specific attention to that. Many of the traditional "end of high school" events and activities will look very different this year, and we wait to hear from the Governor and Secretary as to exactly what they may or may not look like. With any opportunity we have, we want to let our seniors know that we understand this is hard for them, and that we care and will do everything we can to make the best of them out of this situation.

This past week, we received guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) on the following: suggested daily time limits for instruction, resources, a learning collaboration with PBS, and parameters around assessment of learning opportunities. From this guidance, our Acting Curriculum Director, Wendy Savery, crafted our seven-page Remote Learning Grading PlanThis document greatly reinforces a focus on relationships, opportunities to reinforce skills and deep exploration into new learning. There are two key sections I want to highlight:

The Vermont Agency of Education recommends the following total daily maximum academic engagement time:

  • K-2:    90 minutes/day
  • 3-5:    120 minutes/day
  • 6-8:    180 minutes/day
  • 9-12:  270 minutes/day

The Vermont Agency of Education recommends the following for grading:

Elementary Level K-6:

  1.  All students will receive a narrative on their report cards. 
  2.  In addition, all students will be given an indication of preparedness, as follows:

Preparedness Indicators:

     ME = Meets Expectations - Student completes or attempts assigned work and is engaged to a level appropriate to their circumstances.

 NE = No Evidence - Student has not completed the assignments during the remote learning instructional period. Student will be given the

          opportunity to submit work.

Secondary Level 7-12:

Academic and Preparedness Indicators

Academic Indicators for Final Report Card Based on 1-2 Prioritized Standards/Proficiencies for Each Course:

Pass (P)Students who show evidence of working toward proficiency, and are engaged during remote learning will receive a P on their report card/transcript.

           Pass with Distinction (PD)Students who show evidence of working toward proficiency and also initiate a personal interest in learning that goes beyond the required
activities. Students will be required to engage with teachers in conversation around deepening the learning and how it will be demonstrated in the specific discipline/standard.

Incomplete (Inc)Students who do not consistently complete assignments or assessments in any of the learning opportunities within the course. Students will be given the                         opportunity to submit work.

 Preparedness Indicators for Final Report Card:

              ME = Meets Expectations - Student completes or attempts assigned work and is engaged to a level appropriate to their circumstances.

              NE = No Evidence - Student has not completed assignments during the remote learning instructional period. Student will be given the opportunity to submit work.

Additionally, this plan includes descriptions of opportunities and expectations for Pre-K and for students attending (or hoping to attend next year), the Green Mountain Technical and Career Center (GMTCC). In summary, students are expected to “attend”, do their best and know that there will be opportunities to make up work missed.


We are also being offered other learning resources for students who seek even more learning opportunities. Vermont Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and the Agency of Education (AOE) are partnering to support continuity of learning for our students and school communities. This partnership provides access to free educational programming and distance learning resources through Vermont PBS At-Home Learning.

We are hopeful that our students will be engaged in their learning and connected to their school. Our teachers, specialists, and support staff are providing lessons and opportunities for your child to check-in, ask questions, and get any additional help when needed. If a student does not check-in with their classes, we will reach out to families to offer support and a plan for future connections. We understand that everyone has a different situation. We want to hear from all of you about what is working well and what is challenging. If you feel overwhelmed by remote learning and could benefit from some help, please reach out to our child's teacher(s), their guidance counselor, or your building's principal. We want the best for our students, not just academically, but from a whole health perspective.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to sustaining the learning opportunities and high-quality education that the Lamoille North communities value. However, we are also mindful of the extremely challenging economic circumstances affecting every Vermonter and the State as a whole. Given this, we are actively reviewing all vacant positions for the coming school year and essential purchases for the remainder of this budget year, and we will be reviewing all planned expenditures for the upcoming school year as well as we approach the start of next school year. Social distancing is likely to be a part of our daily lives in the future and economic pressure may take some time to resolve. 

As we always have, we will address challenges thoughtfully, with determination and innovation. I truly believe that when this pandemic is in our past, it will be the simple things in life that we will appreciate more and it will be our connections to each other that will remain unforgotten. I am proud to be a part of this school community, today and always, and I remain ever grateful for all of you.

With warmest thoughts,


Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Eden Central School

140 Knowles Flat Road

Eden, Vermont  05652



April 22, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope that you are all managing during these challenging times.  Please know that I am thinking of you and know that you are all doing your best.

I want to share with you that we are required by the Agency of Education to take attendance.  We need to know that your children are engaging in some type of school related activities, daily.  I might be cooking with you, planting seeds with you, reading, joining google classroom, watching videos from your child’s teacher, doing a worksheet, etc. and then communicating that to the teachers.  Communication does not have to be daily.  It is going to look different for different grade levels.  In grades 4, 5 and 6 students using google classroom counts as attendance.  In the younger grades it may be a once a week  phone call with your child’s teacher.  If you are in contact with anyone from the school, it counts. 

I will be working with the district Student Attendance Specialist to reach out to any families we are not hearing from.  If you have any questions, please call me or send me an email.  802.521-5501.

Thank you.  Be well.

Melinda Mascolino


Dear Lamoille North Families, Community Members, and Staff:

I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. I know my own home/work life has evolved into some semblance of routine in this new, yet temporary, normal. My hope for you over April break was that you were able to take time to step back temporarily from the rigors of remote learning and to have some pressures lessen. As we return on Monday to remote learning, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for all of you as we work together through this unusual time, and to give you some updates.

Governor Phil Scott today outlined an approach for the phased restart of Vermont’s economy, emphasizing the State’s modeling indicates initial steps can be taken while the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order remains in effect. The following are additions to his executive order:

  • Allows small crews for outside construction or other outdoor trade jobs, and single-worker, low- or no-contact professional services
  • Clarifies guidance for retailers to allow additional operations using delivery and curbside service
  • Outlines safety requirements for these entities and others already operating to ensure continued social distancing, hygiene and disinfection

The State’s latest modeling, presented today, shows the growth rate in new COVID-19 cases has averaged below 4% for the last 12 days, the rate at which cases double has slowed dramatically, and the number of people requiring hospitalizations remains stable. However, we must remain vigilant and continue to practice social distancing and adhere to the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order.

On or around May 8, Governor Scott and Secretary Dan French will issue guidance on end-of-year activities and anything else based on the health modeling of this virus. Also, all Vermont Schools have been tasked with developing Continuation of Learning Plans that will be in place for the remaining weeks of school. Specific information about the plans will be forthcoming later this week. To give you an overview, our plans will consist of the following guidelines and general ideas:

  • Protecting our relationships and the mental health of our students, families, and educators remains our first priority.
  • Emergency remote learning will not and cannot replicate in-school learning. Expectations within our grade bands (PreK, K-6, 7-8, 9-12) are different and should not be compared. Reporting and feedback will look different in each of our grade bands.
  • Communication between schools and families is key. We recognize that some families will feel that we are perhaps not doing enough and others will feel that we are putting too many pressures on them. While an equitable plan for all may not be completely feasible, we’re trying our best to make it so. Per guidance from the Agency of Education, our staff will be asked to focus on one or two priorities for the remainder of the school year and to dive deeply into those priorities. Less, in this case, is most definitely more.

I recognize that guidance comes often from the Agency of Education and things appear to be ever changing. What does not change, however, is the determination, generosity and calm our staff and families have shown over the past several weeks.

Specifically, I send my gratitude to all of our staff who have risen to this challenge and continue to serve our families and students during this crisis. I am in awe of how quickly our school teams have made the changes and adaptations necessary to educate, nurture and support our students. They are true leaders and role models and I treasure each one of them.

Thank you to our families who are supporting their children, their own jobs, and each other. You have sent so many positive messages to our staff in recent days. Your support has served as strength for your children and us all as we work hard to continue our educational mission, despite the significant challenges all of us face.

And thank you to our community members who support our schools by volunteering, mentoring, and providing us with resources to ensure the social-emotional well being of our children. I appreciate the conversations I have had with so many of you and the connections we have made have touched me deeply.

With all of the changes that have presented themselves, I continue to be amazed and inspired by the determination of our students and staff each and every day. I thank you for your strength, acts of extraordinary kindness, and generosity of heart. I am thinking of all of you. As always, please feel free to reach out to me should you want to discuss anything or everything.

My very best to you,

Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


A huge thank you to our lunch crew feeding Eden and Waterville families!

Eddie the Eagle is missing all of you!

Remember, even though we are apart, ECS is one big family!

Be well everyone and keep it awesome :~)


Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff:

My hope is that this message finds all of you safe and well. Our teachers and staff have been working hard in a variety of ways to support our students, families, and community throughout the last several weeks. The feedback we have received from families has been helpful in assisting us to continue to fine tune our remote instruction. Distance learning is not something any of us would have imagined being our primary mode of instruction at this point in the school year and our community of families and educators have worked hard to make it largely successful.

As I mentioned in my message last week, Secretary Dan French of the Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) has directed schools to follow their established calendars for the rest of the school year. Therefore, we will have our April break from April 13-17, 2020. Our nutrition program will continue uninterrupted during this break. When we return from April break, beginning April 20th, our teachers will be preparing to shift to a continuation of learning model and will be providing learning opportunities and resources that relate to new learning and instruction. Our teachers and administrators are, and will be, doing their very best to provide the resources and support to best meet the needs of our students.

Provided students engage in distance learning on a daily basis, all days will count and we will end this school year in June as planned; that means that it is important that we connect with every student. If your student is sick and unable to engage in learning on some days, we understand; please just let us know. Details about the last days of school will be finalized later this spring. Additional guidance about traditional, end-of-year events is expected in the coming weeks and we will provide updates and information when we know more.

Last Friday, the Vermont Health Commissioner, Dr. Mark Levine, advised Vermonters to wear cloth face masks in public.  Please click on the following link:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html, where you will find instructions on making simple facial coverings/masks.

Additionally, guidance from the Vermont Department of Health (VT DOH) is that the COVID-19 virus can live for up to three days on certain surfaces. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (https://fpr.vermont.gov/COVID-19) recommends closure of all school playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities. Therefore, all Lamoille North school playgrounds, fields and outside courts are now closed to the public. We will be placing signage in each of the schools’ outside areas this week. Please reinforce with your children the importance of staying home to prevent the spread of this virus. Although our children miss their friends, congregating is not advised and is not adhering to proper social distancing. Please help them to find other ways to connect with friends during this period of time.

We continue to recognize that this is a stressful time for many. Please know that we are available to support you. Reach out to your child’s teacher or school counselor if you have questions or simply want to talk. We will do our best to help you connect with appropriate resources in the community. Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do to support the educational, social, and emotional needs of your children at home during this time.

If you are experiencing financial distress, homelessness, hunger, job loss, health-care related issues and other hardships that arise, please reach out to Vermont 2-1-1 by dialing 211, or visit www.unitedwaynwvt.org/vermont-211.

I continue to be so proud of how our community members and school staff have found ways to support one another during this time. We are not alone in this crisis. As always, please reach out to me if you have a need for support.

My very best to you,


Catherine Gallagher, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Good afternoon,

The Lamoille North's COVID-19 Task Force met this morning, and will be meeting regularly while we do our best for our school community. 

You should expect to hear updates from us as needed.

There are many questions we are receiving; please understand there are many gray areas and decisions will be made on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day, and situation-by-situation basis. 

- All teachers and staff are expected to be in their buildings this week.  
- Students are dismissed from Lamoille North schools at the end of the day Tuesday.
- There should not be any visitors in our schools at this time.
- There is an allowed maximum of 50 people in any public gathering OR 50% of an establishment's occupancy, whichever is less
- Beginning next week, we will focus efforts on refreshing current skills and independent work, while teachers and staff prepare for more formal lessons and schedules for the following week.
- We anticipate to begin nutritional service for families by the end of this week. This will begin with curbside delivery of breakfast and lunch at designated sites, TBD.
- A guide for remote learning and training for teachers and families will be distributed this week by Wednesday at the earliest.

Above all, we hope that you take the necessary measures to remain healthy.

Catherine Gallagher
Superintendent of Schools
                                                                            Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Below is some helpful information for parents in regards to Distance Learning.  Please note that each teacher has their respective platform for material and learning.  Google is the primary suite that we use.  Helpful links to access these platforms are below.  Your student should have their login information.  Please contact the teacher directly if you need this information.

Google Classroom ~   https://edu.google.com/products/classroom/?modal_active=none 
Google Email ~ gmail.com 


March 15, 2020

Dear Lamoille North Families and Staff:

Per the most recent guidance from Governor Scott and the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) we have escalated contingency planning for the closing of schools for students by the end of the day Tuesday, March 17. This directive will last through April 6 - but may need to be extended.

Lamoille North schools will remain open on Monday and Tuesday.  Parents may choose to keep their children home due to concerns related to COVID-19 or upon medical advice or guidance from the Vermont Department of Health. These absences will be excused.  Other individual student work will not be sent home this week as faculty and staff will be focusing on keeping learning on track in schools, supporting all in following prevention guidelines, and planning for instruction and essential services remotely. 

We are asking for your support and understanding with the following steps specific to the schools of Lamoille North:
1. Continue to stay home if you or your children are sick.  Wash hands frequently with soap and water and avoid touching your face.  Cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue, and keep a supply of essentials and medicines on hand.
2. Outside of school, please practice social distancing, including avoiding play dates, sleepovers, group gatherings, and unnecessary travel.
3. For the next two days please notify your child’s school if they will not be attending.  Absences will be excused.
4. Visitors are asked not to enter the school building, except when necessary for educational services.  Please call your school office and remain in the lobby or entrance area if it is necessary to approach the building.
5. Student-led and family/teacher conferences for this week are postponed.  More information will follow on options for teachers, parents, and student communication options later.
6. School-specific communications about plans for remote student learning will follow within the week.
7. We will begin providing meals for all youth up to 18 as soon as possible.  Look for more information soon.
8. For ongoing communications, we will continue to provide updates as quickly as we have them.

We are continuously monitoring local developments and consult daily with the Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Education and will take additional local action as needed.  Many of you have extended offers of help and we are immensely grateful for that.  We will work hard this week to ensure fluidity of operations and to be ready with our plan to continue to support the needs of our students and families.  We are fortunate to be a part of such a caring community.

My best to you,

Catherine Gallagher
Superintendent of Schools
Lamoille North Supervisory Union


Please see our new and exciting registration process for NEW students registering within the LNMUUSD area school district. Check it out!



ECS Second grade hosted our December Community Meeting.  The Sixth Grade presented their research into future careers and participated in a fashion show!


Below is some additional information about our upcoming book fair.  Check out this cool video HERE to see a really easy payment option.  We hope to see you there!



No photo description available.


Our ECS Spelling Bee participants were so brave and did an awesome job!

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing


Hey Families,
Our 2019 fall Book Fair is happening from the 14th-17th of October!  We will be open during the school day of course but will also be operating during Open House.  I hope you will be able to stop by the gym and check out all the wonderful titles we will have!

See you there,
Audri Miller 
ECS Librarian


Peace Day Celebration at ECS!


Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night

The Kindergarten room will be open 

Thursday, August 22nd 

between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. 

Drop in at your convenience. This is a chance to bring your child in to see our room, pick out their cubby, explore classroom materials, and feel more comfortable before school starts. I will be available to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have about the upcoming school year.


Author Michael Caduto sharing a Native American story

Michael leading all of ECS students and staff in a drum circle


High School musicians at ECS

ECS students joining the H.S.

Mrs. Miller awarded reading awards to over half of our students for meeting their

 reading goals!


We are so grateful for our Lunch Hero’s, Chef Jackie and Ms. Becky for the delicious and healthy meals they serve us!


 Author John Churchman read his book “The Easter Surprise” to grades Pre-K, K, 1 and 2 with his friends Moonbeam and Laddie!


Celebration of Student Work


I Love to Read week  

 The Clif Grant enriched each of our students with a 2 book give-a-way!

And Eddie the Eagle landed at Eden to read with us!!!  


Merger Informational Meeting

Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

6:00 pm at GMTCC, Community Education Center

Everyone and anyone is welcome. Come to ask your questions, and voice your opinions on the LNMUUSD vote to accept Cambridge School District as a

PreK‐12 member.





Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

7:00 am – 7:00 pm

At all the usual polling places in your town of residence



Ballot Language:

“Shall Lamoille North Modified Unified Union School District accept Cambridge Elementary School District as a full member of the Lamoille North Modified Unified Union School District, effective July 1, 2019, under the terms of Articles of Agreement certified by the Secretary of the Agency of Education on May 25, 2016, per the State Board of Education’s Final Report of Decisions and Order on Statewide School District Merger Decisions (Pursuant to Act 46, Sections 8(b) and 10) dated November 28, 2018.”


If in favor of the proposition issue,     make a cross (x) in this square:   

If opposed to the proposition issue, make a cross (x) in this square:      


A “YES” vote means:


A “NO” vote means:


     Cambridge will become a full PreK‐12 member of

Lamoille North Unified Union School District (UUSD)

     The PreK‐12 tax rate for Cambridge will reflect the tax rate reductions under Act 46 for the two remaining years for which the LNMUUSD is currently eligible; 4 cents in 2020, and 2 cents in 2021

     The supervisory union structure dissolves and the UUSD becomes its own single‐district SU

     Grant funds are available to facilitate the transition into a UUSD

The three entities, Lamoille North SU,

Lamoille North MUUSD, and Cambridge

Elementary continue unless and until: o Cambridge School District and LNMUUSD merge into a single UUSD pursuant to 16

V.S.A. §721 o The State Board of Education chooses to expand the boundaries of Lamoille North SU so that it has more than its two current members pursuant to 16 V.S.A.

§261(a) o The Legislature enacts legislation requiring some other specific change in the structure of the districts or the SU


The LNMUUSD Act 46 Articles of Agreement may be found on the LNSU website, www.lnsu.org.


* ECS first graders sharing facts about the planets *

*5th graders sharing facts from their informational text research*


Congratulations to the ECS 2018 
Spelling Bee Contestants!

ECS Website Calendar

Notice to Parents

You may be aware that the No Child Left Behind Act allows parents to move their children from identified schools to other public schools in the same district, provided that the new school is making its AYP targets. However, this is not an option here at the Eden Central School because we are the only public school in our district serving PreK-6 students.


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