*Merger Information Meeting Notice*

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Merger Informational Meeting  Monday, Feb. 11, 2019  6:00 pm at GMTCC, Community Education Center  Everyone and anyone is welcome. Come to ask your questions, and voice  your opinions on the LNMUUSD vote to accept Cambridge School District as a  PreK‐12 member.

Welcome to School Year 2017-2018!

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April 6, 2017 Board Minutes

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See attached file.

Board Minutes from January 5, 2017

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Untitled Post

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fall Festival!  Jeff and Angie did an amazing job!  There was pumpkin carving and pumpkin painting, pumpkin bowling, gourd tic-tac-toe, hide in the hay, face painting, cookies and cider and more!  We had a great turnout of students and families and even a few local politicians.  Can't wait for next year!!!

New Calendar!

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We have added a ECS Calendar with upcoming events.  If you are a coach or host any events for children, just send me an email at and I'll post it.  Thanks!


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Open House

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A Great Big Thanks to everyone for an amazing Open House last night!  We had a terrific turnout!  Pre-K got a chance to show off their water table and play-doh skills.  Kindergarten got to taste the apple sauce they made earlier in the day.  First grade made such life-like face portraits it was hard to tell them from the real students.  Second grade made really cool "All About Me" T-shirts.  Third grade had clues to each student, including their wishes for the year.  Looks like Mrs. Lynch will be teaching flying lessons this year!  Fourth grade made beautiful "All About Me" cubes and books.  The Fifth and Sixth grades had excellent work samples out to share with their parents.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Axtell and all of her helpers for the Book Fair.  The new Parent Club, PEAK, has some new recruits but they're hoping for more.

October 6, 2016 Board Minutes

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Board minutes for October 6, 2016, see attached document.

September 1, 2016 Board Minutes

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Board minutes for September 1, 2016, see attached document

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