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Google Earth Resources

Interesting Google Earth Resources

ARKive Multimedia Google Earth
Explore ARKive's threatened marine species using Google Earth

Google Earth Wild Sanctuary Sound Tour
      Take a tour with your eyes and ears. Hear sounds from wild places around the world.
Mountains of the World
       Over 100,000 mountains of the world viewed on Google Maps and the top 100 mountains in Google Earth right on the page.
Mountain Environments Around the World
This is a collection of placemarks. Choose "Open with...Google Earth"
Longitude and Latitude by Address
        Type in an address and get the precise longitude and latitude for that location. Can you find this info for ECS?
Panaramio Fabulous Photos around the World
        This is the site which posts so many beautiful photos in Google Earth.
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Aug 29, 2010, 5:39 AM