Staying Safe & Secure Online

How Much Can You Learn from a 5th/6th Grader about Online Safety?

Students in grades 5 & 6 have been learning about how to stay safe online and protect both their computers and personal information. One way that students have explored the issue is to use the web-based Budd:e training available online from the Australian government. Students work through a series of modules on various topics. Along the way, students personalize their own Budd:e companion.
To share what they have learned, students were assigned a module topic and created a 30 second script highlighting the most important information. Students captured a screenshot of their Budd:e and then used the animation tool, Blabberize, to bring their Budd:e alive.  
Please visit each of the PSA links in the right column to see how much you can learn from a 5th/6th grader about staying safe and secure online. 

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