Library iPad APP Collections

AppShopper is a site to track apps that you own and an app wish list.  I have two lists that you may find interesting:
Apps downloaded to the ECS Library iPad 
    (some may have been uninstalled)
    (apps to try)
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iPad Accessories

Link to doc displaying 4 different iPad2 cases

iPad Resources

ECS Resources List: Help getting started with your iPad, reputable places to find apps including blogs and twitter! Add it to your Dropbox!

iPad Multimedia Tools All Types of apps for creative use of iPad with project examples.

SNapps for Kids App Finder: Great, well organized site with apps organized in well-defined categories

AppAdvice: This is a great site with reviews, lists, guides, and news related to the iPad. This is a list of the latest Free Educational Apps.

K-5 iPad Apps & Bloom's Taxonomy  by Diane Darrow Edutopia 

SLP Apps List
This is a public document with the focus on Sped Apps but there are resources for general ed also. It is constantly updated and you can contribute links in any of the categories!

(The resources below are best viewed in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
May not work in Firefox!)

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